Shawshank Revisited



Shawshank Revisited


In the 1994 classic Shawshank Redemption Andy and Red characterize two entreprenuers in prison. The video highlights three very important business concepts that you will need if starting out in business as a online marketer, network marketer, or a simple employee. The three concepts that I choose are:


  • The power of a dream
  • True Freedom
  • Long Term Strategy



imgres-3Dreams & Belief

Andy has kept his dream alive for 20 years behind the bars of Shawshank Prison. He goes to the extreme when he plays Mozart for his fellow inmates to spread the hope among the minds. How powerful is your dream today. If you are struggling to keep hope alive CLICK HERE


True Freedom is exactly the moment where Andy escapes in the middle of the night and finds 500 yards between him and the prison. In this moment you feel like you must break free from your prison and chase your dreams. If this is you CLICK HERE


imgres-1 Long Term is how Andy’s mind works. He is a man who thinks of time and pressure. With enough time and pressure you can live the life you are dreaming about right here right now.


***When first starting out online you can be overwhelmed with training and instructions. The best decision you make will be to find a mentor who has a team behind them. Look to your left, right, up and down and ask yourself if your team is awake or are they in all in Shawshank??? ****


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